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August 2016

Salt? - Zigong in South West China’s Sichuan Province is the home of salt - produced from the brine drawn from wells deep underground. The techniques used in modern day oil and gas exploration and extraction were first developed over 1,000 years ago in these very salt wells and remain mostly unchanged. The exhibition is a celebration of the skills and experience of the Sichuanese salt well drillers and their connection to the old and gas industry.

Animatronics - This has now become pretty big - so we formed a new company to consolidate the product development and sales. Animatronic Engineering P/L was established in 2015 and now boasts a roster of 25 “ animatronic dinosaurs that meet or exceed Australia’s electrical standards, are made exclusively with fire retarded foam and operate inside and outside in all weather conditions. Animatronics are available for sale and rent.