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Tony Riggio
Tony has 30 years experience in the culture-leisure and tourism industries. He has worked throughout Australia, Asia and North America managing theatre and music tours, exhibitions, conferences and special events.

Ruri Konishi
Ruri is responsible for finance and market development in Japan. Before joining StageWorks Ruri lived in Japan and for 20 years and was based in Tokyo working as a production manager in the fashion industry.

Sera GU
Sera is a mechanical engineer and project manager with qualifications from Beijing Jiaotong University China. With a background working for European companies based in Beijing, Sera's responsibilities include oversight of the China market and product development for StageWorks subsidiary Animatronic Engineering Pty Ltd.


Dylan Jones
Dylan is responsible for the design and development of robotic and animatronic systems.
An electrical engineer with extensive experience in control systems and reliability, he plays a leading role in product development and quality control at our manufacturing facility in China. Dylan's practical background also provides a high level of support to all StageWorks events.

Collin Best
Collin has 30 years experience as a Production, Stage and Tour Manager in addition to extensive experience as a Lighting Designer for theatre, dance and music. Collin's expertise extends to indoor and large scale outdoor music festivals, events and and exhibitions throughout Australia, Indonesia, Philippines and China.